Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Blogger: Jeanette Sharp

Hi Everyone,

Welcome my Guest Blogger Jeanette Sharp.

Q. How did the death of your father when you were ten affect you spiritually?
A. Shortly after my father died, I found myself alone and freezing on a dark street. I
whispered to God what seemed to me to be a prayer of gigantic proportions, not
really convinced that God even heard me. But within minutes, He answered that
prayer. Awestruck and filled with excitement, I ran home to tell my family what
had happened. That experience convinced me that God saw me, knew me, and
loved me. It became a spiritual marker that anchored my life in Jesus forever.

Q. Did you walk with God from that point on?
A. I grew up attending church three times a week, but as a young adult I allowed that
practice to slip. When I was away from home and on my own, I made mistakes
and drifted further from God. Then, during a desperate time as I was
overwhelmed with the consequences of my life choices, I cried out to God, and
He made Himself known to me again in a real and personal way.

3. Q. What was the turning point for you in that desperate time?
A. I discovered that the God of my childhood had not changed. He still saw me,
knew me, and loved me. Being divorced and a single mother presented its own set
of challenges.

4. Q. What were some of the challenges you faced as a single mother?
A. For one thing, my health fell apart and I was diagnosed with lupus. I also
struggled to maintain a business I’d founded. But when I looked to the Lord for
my every need, He didn’t fail me.

Q. How did the Lord help you when you were ill and struggling with your own
A. During my recovery process, I drew closer to the Lord by reading and studying
His Word. Over time, I became a Bible study teacher and a prayer leader. God
brought a timely buyer for my business, and I was reunited with an old flame
from the past to whom I am now married.

in the beauty industry?
Q. You’ve owned a number of beauty-related businesses. Are you still involved
A. Not anymore. Now, my love of writing, coupled with my delight in encouraging
people to know Jesus, has led me to form the company Hurray God! LLC.

Q. When did you begin writing?
A. About 15 years ago, I wrote a Christmas story, “Five Boxes of Christmas Cards,”
and included it with our Christmas greetings to family and close friends. It
received such a great response that my husband encouraged me to pursue writing.
It became the first short story that launched my writing career. Your
readers/listeners can read it for themselves on HurrayGod.com.

Q. Was writing that short story all you needed to do to become a successful
A. No. I knew I needed to become better equipped, so I enrolled in Jerry B. Jenkins’
Christian Writers Guild’s two-year Apprentice course. I recommend it to anyone
who is seriously interested in writing.

Q. What motivated you to write this particular book, Hurray God: Hope, Pray,?
A. The book was born out of my passionate desire to encourage people to have hope
and faith in God during difficult times. I can do just so much of that one-on-one,
but written stories will reach a far wider audience. And there are people the world
over that need encouragement and hope.

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