Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 Things you Don't know about Michelle L. Crocker

Jayde was an ordinary woman going to work everyday and leading an simple boring life until one dark night when her whole life was turned upside down.  What would you do if you found out that you were turned into a vampire?
Where am I, she asked herself. Jayde was standing in the middle of the street barefoot, wearing a nightgown, and blood running down her neck. She kept walking, oblivious to the lights flashing around her.

5 Things you Don't know about Michelle L. Crocker

1. I have a bearded Dragon
2. I have a new puppy who doesn't want to house break very easily.
3. I enjoy  going  on float trips.
4. Nightside is the first book I've written and now I'm working on two others.
5. I hate green beans.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Blogger M.J. Croan

'Princess Sheeba' is a short kids/ya story of an abandoned dingo puppy.  Published by Solstice Publishing.  'Right Hand Up To God' is a 370 page international thriller. (Self Published.) 

Both books took first and second place in WeBooks members vote last year.  'RHG' was first and 'PS' was second.

Where to find M.J. Croan:  and  . 

Born on an abandoned cattle station in the searing heat of the Australian outback, Sheeba after surviving an opportunistic attack by a family of wild boar, is rescued from marauding buckaroos by Kaz The Wise One, a rather eccentric but well meaning kookaburra.  Unable to care for the estranged dingo pup, Kaz with Sheeba dangling precariously from his beak takes her home to the more forgiving climate of the coastal bush.  Here in the early hours of dawn, he places the helpless whelp in the pouch of a barren, but profusely lactating old female kangaroo, known to the entire group as Aunt Gerty.

Acceptance by the entire mob of kangaroos is not a forgone conclusion, but with the help and mentorship of Big Red, the leader of the group, Sheeba is accepted by the adult roos but shunned by the younger joeys.  Desperate to be just like all the other young kangaroos, but spurned at every attempt because of her short hind legs, puny tail, and golden color, Sheeba finally has to accept that she is a dingo, and if Kaz the wise one is to be believed, is of royal blood.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest blogger Don Ford


What began as an interest in Poetry at the age of 15 grew over the years into a good mix of poetry, storytelling, and art.  I do my our story cover pieces.  I can help others with their covers too.  My art is digital photography.

I love being around kids, and much of my writing is kid generated and kid oriented.  I'm an environmentalist and thus the many faces of nature in my poetry and my prose.  On Saturday July 23rd I will be reading stories to campers at Verona Beach State Park, in Verona, NY  See details of this park HERE.

Humor is a hallmark in most of my writing, since I look forward to turning smiles right side up. Why so glum?  Now with so many short stories published across the U.S. I have recently gotten work in Portugal and Cyprus that spreads to 62 other countries.I am going after the book market as the new home for my work.

See my stories that have been published with  Many of them are archived there.  See more of my work below:   

Display case includes: 
Royal Ferdinand  
Ordered at Solstice Publishing only 

Lone Dragonfly published by the GoodNews Paper 

Siamese Earth Angels  (Not for Sale)  went to Guidepost Magazine 

A Fish Story went to Adirondack Life Magazine 

No Fish For You went to AIM Magazine American Intercultural Magazine

Q & A Column for Sew News Magazine 

This One’s For the Birds has 9 of my stories, pictures and poems  See info regarding this book that Here

Various story pieces have gone to Little Words out of Nevada.  

Floyd the Dog Book club of Portugal and now Creature Features Magazine on the island of Cyprus   
have taken my story pieces too.   See attached for book cover.  A few ore stories and art pieces have been attached here also!!!

Much of my poetry has been published on various sites such as "Four and Twenty Poetry", Dead Mule Poetry, Shine Journal, and has sold to many individual for special occasions.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wishes Come True

Hi Everyone,

Check out my book "Wishes Come True"

Answering an ad in the newspaper, Abby had no idea that she would find so much more than just a job. Her new boss sends butterflies tumbling through her stomach and she can't stop thinking about being in his arms. Jake wasn't looking for love when he advertised for a typist. By hiring Abby, he's found more than he bargained for. She's charming, sweeit, and gets to him as no other woman has before. There's just one little problem... Gloria, Jake's secretary. Gloria has loved Jake from afar for years, then Abby came into the picture. She's noticed the looks he gives Abby and decides to take matters into her own hands. If Abby is out of the way, surely Jake will love her... so Gloria begins to plot Abby's demise. Will Jake be abe to stop Gloria in time? Or will he lose the only woman he's ever loved?

Available at:


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