Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Blogger M.J. Croan

'Princess Sheeba' is a short kids/ya story of an abandoned dingo puppy.  Published by Solstice Publishing.  'Right Hand Up To God' is a 370 page international thriller. (Self Published.) 

Both books took first and second place in WeBooks members vote last year.  'RHG' was first and 'PS' was second.

Where to find M.J. Croan:
http://callumc.wordpress.com/  and http://www.wix.com/intthriller/malcolmjcroan  . 

Born on an abandoned cattle station in the searing heat of the Australian outback, Sheeba after surviving an opportunistic attack by a family of wild boar, is rescued from marauding buckaroos by Kaz The Wise One, a rather eccentric but well meaning kookaburra.  Unable to care for the estranged dingo pup, Kaz with Sheeba dangling precariously from his beak takes her home to the more forgiving climate of the coastal bush.  Here in the early hours of dawn, he places the helpless whelp in the pouch of a barren, but profusely lactating old female kangaroo, known to the entire group as Aunt Gerty.

Acceptance by the entire mob of kangaroos is not a forgone conclusion, but with the help and mentorship of Big Red, the leader of the group, Sheeba is accepted by the adult roos but shunned by the younger joeys.  Desperate to be just like all the other young kangaroos, but spurned at every attempt because of her short hind legs, puny tail, and golden color, Sheeba finally has to accept that she is a dingo, and if Kaz the wise one is to be believed, is of royal blood.

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  1. Shortly to be released in hard copy by Solstice Publications with real life illustrations. If you thought’ The Lion King’ was good, you must read ‘Princess Sheeba.’

    A recent comment from Johanna Kern.:
    # Quot
    My heart melted... You are a great talent, and the story is not only right up my alley - it is a magnificent story, and I can't thank you enough, for sharing it here.
    You are an excellent writer, and I can't wait to see this published, so I could have your book in my home.
    Sheeba is a true princess - and deserves the best. Johanna Kern.

    (Johanna Kern - writer, director and producer. Most noted for her recent movie ‘Shadowland, and Shaddowland II’)

    Also being read by Oprah.

    And my thanks to Donna for this excellent forum.
    M.J. Croan

  2. Oops Solstice has just informed me that 'Princess Sheeba' has now been published in hard copy and e.copy.
    Here is the link:

    And don't forget 'Right Hand Up To God' an international thriller you will not be able to put down.