Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guest Blogger: Craig L. Andrews

Zack Hawkshaw, hard-nosed Navy intelligence officer and former SEAL, has taken an assignment at the CIA by request of General Whitcomb, who is forming a new intelligence-gathering group.  Zack detests self-serving bureaucrats, and although he wouldn’t admit it, he’s  the quintessential patriot.
General Whitcomb selected Zack because of his stellar work in an earlier CIA Gondola program. In the early months of his assignment, Zack has occasionally functioned as a Middle East terrorist consultant to the FBI.  He has a heated confrontation with his CIA boss, Bill McCracken, related to an ominous Arabic message Zack translated from a terrorist’s laptop computer. Knowing the vital importance of his secret skill, Zack answers another General Whitcomb request, one taking him on mission to the Middle East. 
Zack’s mission objective is to identify whether there’s a powerful new terrorist leader, and if so, identify who it is. He takes the mission knowing he may have to use a skill learned in the CIA Gondola program, a skill that brought him a vision of  his own death. What he discovers on the mission launches him into a mental battle with a man possessing the same secret as Zack, an ability nurtured in a secret Russian KGB program.  If Zack fails to stop this man, the world will be plunged into nuclear destruction. 

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